I am a photographer and painter, based in Brighton in the UK.

As a photographer I concentrate on the beauty to be found in everyday subjects, rather than exotic locations or the light of sunset or sunrise. I love the chanced-upon shot of the 'ordinary': the unsought image; or seeing something new in a subject that I haven't looked at properly before.

I prefer an intuitive approach, relying on serendipity more than intensive planning. I have a few ground rules, such as always framing in-camera rather than cropping on-computer. And I post-process as little as possible, although a little exposure correction can be useful.

And I always bear in mind the adage, quoted by Robert Capa among others: If in doubt, get closer.

My current paintings focus on landscape and the power and simplicity of the horizon.

A primary objective is to draw the viewer deeply into each piece in a meditative way: to invite the viewer to immerse themselves fully in the subject and the delicate layers of colour.

Being aware of painting in a digital age, when there are so many other screen-based images vying for our attention, I build fine layers of colours and textures to accentuate the strength of the physical painting. As such, the optimised photographs of them shown here hardly do them justice.

And I'm very aware that few images appeal to everyone: One person's maroon is another person's dirty red.