Passive Agressive
Horizon Mass

Most of my work relates to the landscape, or is at least inspired by it. Some work relates to the value and meaning we place on life; or references injustice and politics, including the way we treat the planet and each other.

Some of the paintings are quite austere, possibly based upon a straight horizon and little else, but I make no excuses for that. I create interest in the application of the colours, aiming to produce a thoughtful piece that has suggested depth, rather than just appearing as simplistic.

All paintings are oil paint on canvas. Some include graphite, and occasionally stove polish or oil pastel.

Methods of application include brush, sponge, spray, palette knife, rag, and finger. Text is sometimes cut into layers of thickly built paint.

Some of the paintings represented on this site are for sale, as are high resolution copies of all photographs. Commissions are also undertaken. Make enquiries at: contact@iandaniels.photo

All images on this site have been optimised in order to load quickly and, as a result, are shown at a reduced resolution. Images of the paintings in particular lack the detail of the originals.